Our expert team of staff can manage all facets of your event, taking care of exhibitor management, logistical planning, A/V solutions and more.

Floor plans:

Creating an accurate floor plan is crucial to ensure your vision will actually fit into your event space. We will create a floor plan from you that is within an inch of accuracy so that you know before you start setting up that all the nuts and bolts of your event will come together seamlessly.

Exhibitor Packages:

Let us take the load off of you by facilitating all of your exhibitors needs. We will create a database of your exhibitors and issue an order form that is customized to your event. From there we collect all orders and info from your exhibitors that is relevant to the show and ensure that upon arrival to your event they have everything they require to be successful.

Audio Visual Solutions:

Needless to say every event needs a microphone, video and some lights at the minimum. Quality audio video equipment and knowledgeable technicians can make the difference in the success of your event. We work closely with A/V companies to secure you the best rates and friendly accommodating technicians.